Who we are

A world of tools

ABUJARDAR specialises in manufacturing natural stone, concrete and prefabricated material bush hammering and texturing tools.

At Abujardar.com you’ll find all the tools you need to achieve different bush-hammered, sandblasted and striped textures which can be applied on stone, marble, granite, sandstone, artificial stone, prefabricated materials and concrete. We’re manufacturers.

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Abujardar.com was founded with the wealth of experience gained by Herpimar.com. We have been developing bush hammering tools for over 25 years, achieving the best performance in the market with each innovation for each customer at the lowest cost per square metre.

Our company’s philosophy is innovation-production-quality-service.

Our staff are dedicated to designing and manufacturing bush hammering tools by applying today’s technological innovations and the wide-ranging experience we have received from the world’s best test bench, our customers.

We invest in high precision machinery and production, we listen to our customers and learn from our mistakes to create the best product on the market.

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Our 25 years of experience in stonework has given us the chance to take our tools outside Spain. Today we export around the world. This expansion is possible because we have reached our main aim: meeting each customer’s specific needs.


Abujardar’s employees are present at the industry’s main trade fairs, providing innovation, quality and excellence at each of the events.

Fair Marmomacc, Verona, 2013

Fair Stona 2010, India, 2010

International Exhibition of Decorative Stones and Machinery, Iran, 2009 and 2011

International Exhibition of Natural Stone, Madrid, 2008