Bush hammers hand plates

If you wish to buy a plate to work with a hand-held machine, the most important thing is to choose the right bush hammering machine. These are the technical specifications needed to bush hammer properly. Speed from 2000 to at most 3000 rpm. It should never exceed 3000 rpm. Our hand-held plates come equipped with a standard M14 connector bolt. We can also supply them with 5/8″ bolts if you indicate it on the order. The materials that can be worked on with our plates include: marble, limestone, sandstone, granite, concrete and artificial stone.

D.90mm 3 ROLLERS

plato 90 g16abujardado medio 1

Ref. 61-12016 Plate D.90mm 3 RPCA G16

plato 90 3 g20abujardado fino 1

Ref. 61-12020 Plate D.90mm 3 RPCA G20

plato 90 g30abujardado extra fino

Ref. 61-12030 Plate D.90mm 3 RPCA G30

plato 90 3 g165micro arenado

Ref. 61-12065 Plate D.90mm 3 RPCA G165

plato 90 3 rpel finoarenado fino

Ref. 61-12066 Plate D.90mm 3 RPEL Fine

plato 90 rpel medioarenado medio

Ref. 61-12067 Plate D.90mm 3 RPEL Medium


Our Ø90 mm plate with three rollers, has two roller positions to obtain two kinds of non-slip strips. A 35 mm strip is obtained with the inner position and an approximately 85 mm strip is obtained with the outer position.

Examples of jobs
  • Bush hammering walls and columns
  • Bush hammering round / square columns
  • Non-slip strips on steps / stairs / access ramps
  • Decorative shower trays
  • Bush hammering slabs / small parts
  • Bush hammering ornamental concrete
  • Removing paint from swimming pools
  • Removing paint from walls
  • Removing paint from floors

D.150mm 4 ROLLERS

We recommend Ø150 mm plates equipped with four or six rollers to bush hammer more quickly. The more rollers, the better performance / hour.

plato 150 4 g16abujardado medio 1

Ref. 61-16416 Plate D.150mm 4 RPCA G16

plato 150 4 g20abujardado fino 1

Ref. 61-16420 Plate D.150mm 4 RPCA G20

plato 150 4 g30abujardado extra fino

Ref. 61-16430 Plate D.150mm 4 RPCA G30

plato 150 4 g165micro arenado

Ref. 61-16465 Plate D.150mm 4 RPCA G165

plato 150 4 rpel finoarenado fino

Ref. 61-16466 Plate D.150mm 4 RPEL Fine

plato 150 4 medioarenado medio

Ref. 61-16467 Plate D.150mm 4 RPEL Medium

D.150mm 6 ROLLERS

We recommend Ø150 mm plates equipped with four or six rollers to bush hammer more quickly. The more rollers, the better performance / hour.

plato 150 6 g16abujardado medio 1

Ref. 61-16616 Plate D.150mm 6 RPCA G16

plato 150 6 g20abujardado fino 1

Ref. 61-16620 Plate D.150mm 6 RPCA G20

plato 150 6 g30abujardado extra fino

Ref. 61-16630 Plate D.150mm 6 RPCA G30

plato 150 6 g165micro arenado

Ref. 61-16665 Plate D.150mm 6 RPCA G165

plato 150 6 rpel finoarenado fino

Ref. 61-16666 Plate D.150mm 6 RPEL Fine

plato 150 6 medioarenado medio

Ref. 61-16667 Plate D.150mm 6 RPEL Medium

D.150mm 3 ROLLERS

We recommend this plate to work on very demanding materials like granite or to work on concrete. The plate is manufactured with a back plate and silent block rubber bushes to dampen some of the vibrations caused by bush hammering. The three MINI UNIC rollers are the most robust hand-held rollers we manufacture. They come equipped with internal high-durability bearings.

plato 150 mini g36abujardado medio 1

Ref. 61-15312 Plate D.150 3 MINI G36

plato 150 mini 2c50abujardado fino 1

Ref. 61-15313 Plate D.150 3 MINI 2C50

plato 150 mini g500micro arenado

Ref. 61-15319 Plate D.150 3 MINI G500

plato integradoabujardado extra fino

Ref. 71-00002 Integrated plate D.150 3 G30